Why Choose Surreal Academy

The 3,000+ Artists Hall of Fame

We're not just offering courses; we're creating a legacy. With 3,000 artists and rising, our innovation in the art world is gracing the lecture halls of Sotheby's Institute of Art and University College London (UCL).

From Silicon Valley to Your Art Studio

Forget dabblers in marketing. Our team has overseen multi-million dollar ad campaigns for tech giants and e-commerce brands. Imagine that kind of expertise channeled into your art business.

A Cut Above: The Surreal Experience

Our credentials? Backgrounds in secondary art markets private deals and auction powerhouses like Christie's. We don't just understand high-end art commerce; we live and breathe it.

About Us

This academy is launched by Surreal Digital, an art marketing agency in London. We created Surreal Academy to condense our digital marketing expertise and knowledge into an affordable online courses for everyone who want to grow their art business.


Worth of artworks & Ecom products generated through our content creation, ads & digital marketing strategies

Art galleries, artists, and startups we've helped getting online sales through digital & social media marketing 

Brands see an increase in their Return On Investment within 3 months of working with Surreal Digit

Learn more about our proven strategies and success stories that will elevate your art career to new heights.


Founder's Story

The founder, Ginny, has a BA in Philosophy from University College London and an MSc in Management from London Business School with a specialisation in digital marketing. Her school projects included devising digital marketing strategies for Ferrari, Moncler, and 2 London Startups.

She has previously worked at Christie's London and privately mediated negotiations between UHNW art collectors and art dealers in the secondary art market.

Seeing few digital innovations happening in the art business industry, she honed her digital marketing and advertising skills in the fast-paced world of E-commerce & tech. She previously worked for one of the largest digital advertising agencies in Europe, led over 20 clients’ accounts’ strategies, and oversaw $5M in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Google ad spend at a profitable return.

Combining her experiences in growth hacking e-commerce brands and in art business, she founded Surreal Digital, a creative-first digital marketing agency for art galleries, artists, and innovative startups.